Welches Water Company


For billing and administrative issues

          Mountain Quail Business Services, Inc.

          Address:       P O Box 998, 24403 E Welches Rd., Welches, OR 97067

          Phone:         503-622-5560

          Fax:             503-622-4881

          Email:          mtnquail@mthoodnet.com


For Water quality and distribution issues

          Jeremy Tower 
  NW Water Systems, LLC


          Phone:         (503) 668-5941 - office, (503) 806-4734 cell,
  Email: nwwatersystemsllc@gmail.com


Board of Directors plazatrail@gmail.com Phone 503-622-5673

Board Members Ray Miller - President
Alan Younk - Vice President
Doug Saldivar - Secretary
Pat Buckley - Treasurer
Scott Everist
Kathy Mackensie

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